Brand new pianosong  ‘Silver Lining’ out now

“To me the quarantine period, we are all in now, feels chaotic and turbulent. Especially at home, with two small children we have to homeschool. For me this means that there is almost no time left to make music.

The sparse moments that I sit alone at the piano offer me a moment of rest and reassurance. It is from that feeling that the song Silver Lining originated. Partly due to the restrictions of quarantine I recorded this solo piano song myself for the first time. Back to basics. It makes me feel good to be able to deliver this melody in this very crazy period and I hope this song brings a little bit of hope and tranquility to the listener as it has done for me.”

Listen ‘Silver Lining’ here.


Animation Short Music Video for Pieter de Graaf’s Charlotte’s Daydream by Marlies van der Wel

Award-winning animator and illustrator Marlies van der Wel created an animation short for pianist/composer Pieter de Graaf’s single Charlotte’s Daydream. The video is premiered on January 22nd via Pieter de Graaf’s YouTube channel. Both Marlies and Pieter joined the chat on the Watch Page to answer questions of viewers.


Charlotte, an astronomer, observes the universe from her observatory. One day as a black hole appears in her telescope, she manages to capture it in a picture. Through various people in different situations, we see the black hole approaching earth. When it’s close enough, Charlotte puts on her astronaut suit and decides to jump in. 

Floating through space she gets a glimpse of the earth from the universe; A lush blue sphere that’s producing bright colors and shapes, reflecting the life and richness on that lush blue sphere in that black universe.

 Marlies van der Wel 

is a Dutch animator and illustrator whose short films have been recognized internationally at prestigious festival such as Berlinale, Toronto Film Festival and Sundance. Her award-winning shorts ‘Jonas and the Sea’ and ‘Sabaku’ were both the result of a collage process in which she weaves drawings, textures and random objects together. Her visual language express itself in detailed animations with minimal but natural movement. Characteristic for her storytelling, is addressing big themes in small packages; using simple images and words to tell stories that are emotional (but not tearjerkers), universal (yet still personal) and light-hearted (with a healthy dose of humour). Her latest short ‘Emily’ was the Dutch submission for the Academy Awards 2019.

Pieter de Graaf

Acclaimed pianist/composer Pieter de Graaf explored his true calling in music since he sat next to his father, aged five, and watched him play the classics and the classical; the Beatles, the Stones, Chopin, Bach. As a teenager, he immersed himself in the world of jazz, studying at the Conservatory of Rotterdam.

For his well-received debut album Fermata he went back to basics. His influences – Miles Davis, Nils Frahm, Rachmaninov, Bach, Chopin, Herbie Hancock, and above all Keith Jarrett – allowed him to combine easy melodies with more virtuoso passages without losing the meaning, or the essence, of each song.

Fresh from the success of Fermata de Graaf found himself leaning in a new musical direction and experimenting with loops and electronica. Resulting in his EP Vortex.

On stage, Pieter de Graaf develops a classic one-man show. Not only playing the piano, but building up his sound with a bass pedal, several MIDI keyboards and a laptop for audio effects, loops and synthesizers. Making every live performance unique, offering a unique sound spectrum.


EP – Vortex – out now!


Pieter de Graaf @ ADE

Excited to announce that I am playing in Paradiso during Amsterdam Dance Event this October.




So happy and proud that today my first solo piano album ‘Fermata’ is released!




Very excited to share my new single Maximilian’s Masterplan with you. Another special song for me. Last one recorded in my studio at Kytopia and dedicated to my son. Click here for the single.




I’m very excited to let you know that my very first European tour is confirmed!




Album release show announcement!
After a period of writing, searching and recording (and drinking quite some coffee), I am very very excited that my album will finally be released in the spring of 2019! And…my album release show is confirmed in Paradiso Amsterdam on March 31st! Ticket sales start this Friday, December 21st




2 New singles came out @spotify and @applemusic!!

The Wizard and Woke up Wandering. Hope you enjoy!

listen here:





Release day! I’m happy to share my first EP “Prologue” and you can now listen to it on your favorite streaming service.





Pianist Pieter de Graaf presenteert donderdag 24 mei zijn eerste EP ‘Prologue’ die een dag later officieel verschijnt. Deze EP is onderdeel van zijn solo debuutproject Fermata. In de afgelopen periode verschenen al twee succesvolle singles, ‘A Minor Story’ en ‘Hide and Seek’.

Graag nodigen we je uit om deze presentatie bij te wonen.

Datum: donderdag 24 mei
Aanvangstijd: 17:30 uur
Locatie: TSH Collab Amsterdam City, Wibautstraat 131-D, Amsterdam
Entree: Gratis 




Pieter de Graaf organiseert Piano Day event in Kytopia en brengt nieuwe single uit

Pianist Pieter de Graaf organiseert woensdag 29 maart in het kader van International Piano Day een evenement in het Utrechtse Kytopia met oa Ruben Hein, Niels Broos en Mathijn den Duijf. Pianisten, van amateur tot professional, zijn van harte welkom om aan te schuiven en mee te spelen.

* * *