My name is Pieter de Graaf, and I’m a pianist and composer. After a long personal quest during which I rediscovered music, I recently started working on my solo piano album. I’ll be composing and improvising all the pieces myself. The album will be recorded in my studio at Kytopia, a music collective in Utrecht.

I’ve spent the past few years playing live with a wide range of musicians, for whom I also did session work and toured in the Netherlands and abroad. At some point, I realised I wanted to start spending more time and energy making my own music. I decided to jump in at the deep end, and leave every musical boundary behind.

Kytopia gives me the freedom I need to work on my music. It’s an incredibly inspiring place, which we also use to rehearse with the Kyteman Orchestra of which I’m a permanent member. The orchestra’s spontaneous approach to music gave me a sense of freedom that helped to inspire this solo album of my own compositions and improvisations.

I’ll be recording the album in my studio at Kytopia on my dear old August Förster piano. I might also use the grand piano in the atmospheric main hall on certain tracks. I’ll be recording at night, to avoid the inevitable noise levels you would expect in a building buzzing with musical colleagues and friends during the days and evenings.

I’m giving myself all the time and space I need to make the best album I possibly can. I’ll be announcing a release date in the near future. Until that time, I’ll be giving the occasional solo concert in order to share new compositions with an audience.

Pieter de Graaf, March 2016