Artist’s note:

This video ‘Fermata (Official Trailer)’ is the first video of my debut project Fermata. It shows my musical search of the past years, new songs and the ongoing process, which embodies project Fermata. The songs aren’t “written” in any traditional sense; instead I play and improvise segments, record them, and listen back before deciding what to use, what to discard, and what to embellish. That’s why I call Fermata a project, not an album; many songs are already recorded but I cherish the freedom to keep pushing boundaries and creating.

In the video ‘Fermata’ I share the process of project fermata. I show my workingspace and studio at the artist community Kytopia (Utrecht NL), where I spent hours and nights improvising and shaping sounds, together with my producer Jonas Pap. In the video I explain my working methods and play some of my new songs (which aren’t released yet).

After years of hard working and the support of my friends, family and producer Jonas Pap, I’m ready to present the first songs of Fermata to the world. The search hasn’t ended here I feel it’s just the beginning, and hopefully the start of the release of many songs, and live performances. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Pieter de Graaf

Credits ‘Fermata (Official Trailer)’:

Artist/Music: Pieter de Graaf

Director: Inigo Garayo (

Art-Director/ Co-director: Marco Grandia

Producer(s): Nahuel Blaton (Rebis) / Tjeerd Bomhof

DoP: Inigo Garayo, Marco Grandia

Ass. DoP:

Light: Freek Ross

Audio: Brian Esselbrugge / Roy van Rosendaal

Floor manager: Jasper Saman

Editor + Post production – Inigo Garayo

Runner: Joris van Eerkerke

Filmed at: Kytopia, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Very special thanks to: Erik Benders and Kytopia (


C+P: Fermata Music Publishing 2018 + Fermata Music 2018, under exclusive license to Sony Music.