Pieter de Graaf: piano, synthesizer, church organ, tubular bells 

Jonas Pap: cello, double bass, bass guitar, violin 

Anitra Jellema, Marieke Steenhoek, Annelie Brinkhof and Judith Petra: backing vocals on ‘Rise and Shine’ 


All compositions by Pieter de Graaf 

All arrangements by Pieter de Graaf 

Except: arrangements A Minor Story, Maximilian’s Masterplan, Deep Blue, Charlotte’s Daydream, The Wizard and Rise and Shine by Pieter de Graaf and Jonas Pap 

Recorded, produced and mixed by Pieter de Graaf and Jonas Pap at Kytopia 

Mastered by Bo Kondren (Calyx-Mastering) 

Label: Sony Music Entertainment 

Publishing: Manners McDade Music Publishing 

Artwork and Graphic Design by IAMKAT. 

Photography by IAMKAT. 


Contactinfo: Pieter de Graaf | mail: info@pieterdegraaf.com 

Management: REBIS | Nahuel Blaton and 22GHOSTS | Tjeerd Bomhof 

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