vortex (noun) vor·tex | \ ˈvȯr-ˌteks


a feeling or situation that has so much power or influence over you that you feel you are not in control. vortex of: caught up in a swirling vortex of emotions.


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Like any true artist, Pieter de Graaf has always pushed himself creatively, and Vortex – his new five-track EP – is the sound of him doing precisely that. Fresh from the success of Fermata, his acclaimed debut album, de Graaf found himself leaning in a new musical direction and experimenting with loops and electronica. But having already incorporated a few such elements into his live show, he wanted to go further – to reimagine what his music could be. And so, alongside long-time collaborator and producer Jonas Pap, de Graaf recruited revered beat-maker and multi-instrumentalist Binkbeats.