Pieter Presents: NFT’s

A whole new world to discover! Together with my new friends from Achtzig20 I’ve created 50 exclusive NFT’s in honor of the release of ‘HOME’. Each member of the “NFT community” automatically participates in an exclusive monthly “raffle” for unique experiences and products. Think of limited recordings, exclusive concerts and more. The NFT allows me to connect with my fans in a whole different way. I can’t wait to explore the possibilities further and take you on this journey. If you buy your NFT now you’ll receive a very limited vinyl edition of ‘HOME’. These are only available via the purchase of the NFT,

buy your NFT’s now via my webshop.

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Album Release Tour

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OCD is the track on which, for the first time ever, you can hear my voice. It appears in the middle, heavily processed and disguised,

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Een pianomarathon van zonsopkomst tot zonsondergang De Nederlandse pianist/componist en Edison-winnaar, Pieter de Graaf, geeft op zondag 26 september, van zonsopkomst tot zonsondergang een pianomarathon.

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‘EQUINOX’ out on Vinyl & CD

BAM!! It’s here!! 😍𝙀𝙦𝙪𝙞𝙣𝙤𝙭 on CD & Vinyl!!I can’t describe the amazing feeling of holding it in my hands today.I feel blessed! 🤍 Shout out

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EP ‘Home’ out now

Home, the new EP by pianist and composer Pieter de Graaf, is the sound of reconciliation. A reconciliation of body and mind, to be exact.

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