New album ‘Tapestry of Life: Everyday Whispers’ is the first in a series.

Pieter de Graaf continues to push boundaries with his latest project, ‘DAY & NIGHT: A Tapestry of Life’. Known for his innovative approach to music, Pieter once again breaks with musical conventions and combines thoughtful piano sounds with energetic electro beats in both his new show and the accompanying album series.

“With my new album and show I want to show that opposites can reinforce each other, not exclude each other. This applies to everything: from emotions to social issues. My music translates these extremes – from tranquil piano songs to powerful electronic passages. ‘Day’ to ‘ Night’, all captured in the ‘Tapestry of Life’. Live, this combination really comes to life; the contrasts reinforce each other,” Pieter de Graaf explains.

‘DAY & NIGHT: A Tapestry of Life’: Album series

The first album in this ambitious series, entitled ‘Tapestry of Life: Everyday Whispers‘, marks the beginning of a series in which Pieter explores the extremes of his musical versatility, while retaining his unique signature. The albums are thematically divided into ‘DAY’ and ‘NIGHT’.

‘DAY’ highlights sensitive, romantic piano compositions, while ‘NIGHT’ offers a more dynamic sound spectrum with electronic elements and loops. In the first “Day” album, ‘Everyday Whispers’, Pieter shows his introspective and sensitive side with short, quiet piano songs. This album was launched last Friday, March 8 and can be listened to on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and Amazon Music.

With ‘Tapestry of Life: Everyday Whispers’, Pieter de Graaf invites listeners to experience the beauty of musical contradictions and shows how they can strengthen each other in a harmonious symbiosis.

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